Sunday, April 20, 2008

College student contacts MRSA on campus

Last week, a senior at a Tennessee university learned that she was suffering from methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), a staph infection usually found in hospitals. The student claimed to have contracted it from the Center for Physical Activity but officials have not confirmed.

The director of student services said that the student could’ve gotten it from anywhere – a roommate, a bench at the mall, a public restroom. The student is fine now.

People who have healthy immune systems can be treated.

The director of the Center for Physical Activity said the facility is kept clean through multiple ways and students should help in keeping the complex sanitary by using available hand gels and sanitizers. MRSA can breed in public places, and people with open wounds should be conscious of that.

The recreation setting is an excellent place to spread MRSA. Bathing after a workout and before going anywhere else is a good idea, lest the sweat from a person’s body be left on other surfaces.
The towels available at the Center for Physical Activity are washed in a high concentration of bleach to kill any bacteria. The pool in the CPA is filtered by a computer system, which is more efficient than relying on human judgment. Water in the pool is turned over every six hours.

Student workers at the CPA are taught how to properly and safely disinfect surfaces. The facility mandates that its student workers wear disposable rubber gloves when cleaning.

There are hand sanitizers on the walls, disposable sanitary wipes, and a bin to discard used towels. There are also signs reminding the merits of proper hygiene.

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