Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Grave Danger of Anesthesia Errors

There a number of deaths that are the result of anesthesia errors.

Some medical procedures are supposed to be very simple to perform. Despite the high costs, liposuction would be considered one of the easiest procedures to perform. Generally, all that is required is the person be placed under aesthesia and then the suction procedure is performed. Yet, there are a multitude of cases where people have died unexpectedly while being placed under anesthesia. Sadly, this horrible mishap is not exclusive to plastic surgery. Instances of fatalities due to anesthesia errors have occurred during a number of surgical procedures. Often, this is the result of gross negligence. The anesthesia was improperly administered and this leads to a fatality. As such, this type of medical malpractice often leads to wrongful death suits.

Such situations should never occur. When an individual places himself under the care of a physician the individual has the right to expect proper treatment. When the treatment leads to serious injuries or fatalities those who were negligible deserve to be held accountable for their actions. This is why medical malpractice suits are recommended in instances of anesthesia mishaps. Hopefully, such lawsuits will lead to an increased quality of care when administering anesthesia.

Now, some may assume that these types of lawsuits are designed for "revenge". Such an assessment would be far from accurate. Medical malpractice lawsuits are employed for a number of reasons. The fallout of wrongful death or medical malpractice disasters often devastates a family. In addition to the vast inflicted grief a family suffers, there may be financial devastation that results as well. Therefore, is not unreasonable for the next of kin or the affected party to seek a remedy. This comes in the form of seeking financial compensation from the individual or entity that was responsible for the anesthesia error. After all, who should be held liable other than those who caused the mishap in the first place?

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