Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Meningitis Law - Meningitis Legal Process - Medical Malpractices Act

Here is some information about the meningitis legal process. It explains how people seeking medical services can seek out remedy against medical negligence committed by any medical practitioner for the misdiagnosis of meningitis.

Seeking Remedy Through The Meningitis Legal Process

As a general rule, you have a right to appropriate medical treatment. It is the duty of every health care provider to attend to his patients with dignity and respect and provide the appropriate treatment on time. Therefore, the law requires that if a medical professional fails to diagnose Meningitis in a timely manner, and that failure casues injury, the patient can seek remedy for the damages incurred by filing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

The most common medical mistakes involving meningitis that are committed by doctors deal with the delay in diagnosis of meningococcal infection -- not recognizing the complication of the treatment and delay in hospitalization.

However, the amount of damages sought when negligence occurs varies. It depends on the type of injuries caused and how bad the negilgent acts were. In case of long-term injuries of permanent disablement like brain damage, paralysis, amputation of limbs or hearing loss, the plaintiff may claim the medical expenses along with the damages. Moreover, in case of death, the plaintiff can claim damages for the loss of future earnings and loss of consortium like the social and emotional loss to the deceased’s family.

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