Saturday, April 17, 2010

Death by bacterial meningitis

College student dies from bacterial meningitis.

Parents of college students might worry about bad grades, date rape, and excessive drinking but now add bacterial meningitis to the list.

Students, teachers, and parents as well as the community are shocked and alarmed about the death of a college student who died from bacterial meningitis.

Health officials are urging students to seek medical attention if they show symptoms of the disease, which are similar to the flu. Symptoms include being very fatigued, severe headache, and fever.

Bacterial meningitis is spread through nasal and throat secretions but is not very contagious say doctors. If you are sitting in the same room with the person you are really not at any significant risk but if you had intense personal contact, such as sharing utensils, kissing, or living with the person then you are at risk.

This is the second meningitis related death on this particular campus in 10 years. Research indicates that college students are at a higher risk for the disease because they live in crowded apartments or dorms, and share personal property.

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